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The voice of 'Spyro the Dragon' spoke about his love of the 'Resident Evil' franchise as well as why he thinks 'Grand Theft Auto' deserves its own live-action turn.

Taking part in the latest episode of the 'Hot Ones' challenge on YouTube, Elijah Wood has said that the world of 'GTA' should be the next big video game franchise to get the live-action treatment.

Speaking with host Sean Evans while chowing down on chicken wings and hot sauces, the actor of over 60 movies spoke about his love of video games. When asked what game he'd like to see adapted for the big screen next, he said: "The universe of 'GTA' lends itself beautifully to a screen adaptation or a TV show. I think 'Vice City' could be amazing although that already is sort of inspired by 'Miami Vice'.

"But, 'GTA V' I mean, the kinds of characters that are present within the context of that game very much lends itself either to a film or a TV series, that would be amazing."

A big gamer himself, Elijah also spoke of how much he's looking forward to the new 'Resident Evil' movie starring Tom Hopper. 'Welcome to Raccoon City' is expected to be a much closer adaptation of the video game franchise than Mila Jojovich's six movies have been. Elijah said: "It was always a shame to me that they didn't lean on the world that was already established in the game. I think that's coming up, which I'm very excited about."

Here's the full video of Elijah Wood on 'Hot Ones', with the video gaming chat beginning around the nine minutes mark.

Elijah's latest movie is 'No Man of God', based on transcripts of conversations between FBI Agent Bill Hagmaier and the serial killer Ted Bundy. It's expected to be released later this year.

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