E3, typically the biggest week in the gaming calendar, has been cancelled for 2022.

In a statement released on Thursday evening, the Electronic Software Association confirmed the news, cancelling the event entirely.

It had been previously announced earlier this year that the event would be digital-only this year following the template of the 2021 exhibit, but this year's festivities has been entirely pulled from the calendar.

The statement read "We will devote all our energy and resources to delivering a revitalised physical and digital E3 experience next summer."

"Whether enjoyed from the show floor or your favourite devices, the 2023 showcase will bring the community, media, and industry back together in an all-new format and interactive experience."

E3 2020 was among the first major events to be cancelled as the Covid-19 pandemic began to spread in March 2020, and following last year's digital-only event, fans had hoped for a return to an in-person event this year.

"We look forward to presenting E3 to fans around the world live from Los Angeles in 2023."

The ESA adds that the 2022 showcase has been cancelled so the organiSation can "focus its resources" on the 2023 show.

E3 is typically the biggest week in the world of gaming, with the event taking place each June.

The advent of Nintendo Direct or Sony's State Of Play conferences have become just as, if not more successful than traditional expo shows than E3, which negates the cost and logistics involved of flying out to Los Angeles to give a presentation.

2019's E3 had somewhat caught wind of this, and famously drafted in Keanu Reeves to plug 'Cyberpunk 2077', but overall the event was negated by Sony not having a presence at the 2019 show.

In recent years, major game announcements have usually taken place at The Game Awards which take place in December, and draws in a larger audience than E3 according to data.

E3 has become a touchstone in gaming culture, with notable events including Microsoft's infamous 2013 conference, Todd Howard being given a rockstar welcome as he demoed 'Fallout 4' in 2015, or Konami's brilliantly off-kilter 2010 presentation.