It has become a running joke among gamers that if something has a screen, it can play 'Doom', and the joke has been taken to its logical extreme.

In the past, we've reported on the classic 1993 shooter being playable on pregnancy tests, ticket validators, and even inside 'Doom' itself, but running the game on a John Deere tractor takes the biscuit.

Among hobbyists, it is nearly a rite of passage for a machine with a screen to get modded so it can run 'Doom', but in this context, it serves a greater purpose.

A hacker known as Sick Codes presented a new jailbreak for John Deere at the DefCon security conference in Las Vegas recently, and it highlighted the debate surrounding right-to-repair laws in American agriculture.

Digital locks are imposed on vehicles by manufacturers, which prevents farmers from modifying and repairing their own equipment.

An article by Wired goes into greater detail about the topic, but Sick Codes said his aim was to create a jailbreak (similar to what can be done on iPhones) to give owners full control of their machines.

The exploit could potentially help farmers bypass software blocks that prevent them from repairing the tractor themselves, and with the system successfully "broken," 'Doom' was able to be run on the machine.

Of course, this version of 'Doom' is field-themed, and for farmers who want to get in a spot of demon-slaying while spraying silage, this innovation manages to do just that.

With 'Farming Simulator' a big hit among players, it is surely a matter of time before there is 'Doom'-themed DLC or an option to unlock Doom Guy as a tractor driver.