John Romero is forever etched into gaming history thanks to his work on the 'Doom' and 'Wolfenstein' games in the 1990s, and now the auteur is returning to his roots.

Romero has set up shop in Galway, and his team are working on a brand-new first-person shooter within the Unreal Engine 5.

“It’s a new dawn for Romero Games,” the studio stated on Twitter.

"We’re working with a major publisher to develop John Romero’s next shooter: an all-new FPS with an original, new IP."

The job listing claims that the project has already secured the support of a "major publisher" and are looking for "talented people for all positions and all experience levels, with job openings in coding, design and art.

Romero Games set up shop in Galway in 2015, and released the gangster-themed game 'Empire of Sin' in late 2020.

Romero is one of the gaming industry's most famous auteurs, with his 1990s work helping lay the groundwork for the first-person shooter genre as we know it,.

Romero was one of the designers on the original 'Doom' back in 1993, and the developer returned to the 'Doom' fold in 2019 with the mod 'Sigil'.

His last major foray into the first-person shooter genre was 2000's 'Daikatana', one of the earliest examples of hype overshadowing a game, but Romero returning to the genre he helped pioneer is headline news in itself.

Such a legend of game development developing his next project in Galway is a vote of confidence for the Irish gaming industry, and will surely go down as perhaps one of the high-profile games to be developed in Ireland to date.

The project is being developed with Unreal Engine 5, which blew players away with a tech demo experience called 'The Matrix Awakens' last year.