There are some movies where you just know what you're getting into.

For example, you can't have a Bond movie without somebody in a tuxedo. You also can't have, say, a 'Star Wars' movie without it being set in space. Likewise, you cannot have a game called 'Doom Eternal' and it not be covered in blood and gore. These are constants in our reality, like blue skies and green grass. It just is.

So, with that in mind, the new trailer for 'Doom Eternal' is basically every bit as violent, loud, distressing and just full-on as you'd expect. You're essentially talking about two and a half minutes of horror, chaos, terrifying demons, monologues with deep voices, shotgun blasts, and physics-defying jumps and leaps. It's everything you could possibly want from a trailer about the sequel to 'Doom', so just put some decent headphones on and let it wash over you.

It's... beautiful. 'Doom Eternal' hits shelves on March 20th.