If you played PC games in the '90s, the name John Romero should be familiar to you.

As well as creating classics such as Commander Keen and Wolfenstein 3D, Romero also worked on Doom, Doom II and the milestone Quake. Together with John Carmack, Tom Hall and Adrian Carmack, Romero created id Software and effectively launched the idea of first-person shooters.

However, Romero and Carmack clashed during the production of Quake, which saw Romero leaving id Software to create Ion Storm. If you know your PC history, you'll know that they created Daikatana - which was, well, not good. Anyway, that's all behind us as starting from yesterday, Romero's back with a brand-new first person shooter.

Blackroom, which is being developed here in Ireland - Galway, to be specific - will see players in a first-person environment, but with a huge twist. The game is set inside a holo-simulator and will see the environment twist and turn with the player. Like Doom and Quake, the game will feature all the hallmarks of a classic shooter - circle-strafing, rocket-jumping and rich, detailed environments.

As well as this, Romero's focusing heavily on single-player and wants the game to have a detailed narrative. There's already a huge amount of world-building going on, with an in-universe website set up and the possibility of an ARG in the works as well.

Currently, the game is on Kickstarter with a $700,000 goal. All going well, the game will be released in the Winter of 2018. In the meantime, here's Romero's launch video on the game itself.


Via YouTube