Although the Super Nintendo and Nintendo libraries are available through the Nintendo Switch Online service, there's still a good few classic games available on the Nintendo eShop that are worth checking out.

In fact, a good few of these games never even appeared on the Super Nintendo or the Nintendo, but rather on obscure consoles like the TurboGrafx-16 or more recent efforts like the original Xbox.

Here's our picks of some of the best classic games on the Switch.

10. 'Sam & Max Save The World'

A remastered version of the 2006 point-and-click adventure game, 'Sam & Max Save The World' is a wonderfully designed throwback to the good old days of PC gaming with all of the wit and humour given a fresh blast of paint. It's been a crying shame that games like the original 'Broken Sword' haven't found their way on to the Switch, but still, if you're looking for a old-school puzzle-adventure, this is the best place to start and one of the classics of the genre.

9. 'Star Wars: Republic Commando'

A straight port of the fast-paced first-person shooter from the Xbox, 'Republic Commando' was unusual for its time in that it featured no Jedi of any kind, was far darker than any previous game set in the 'Star Wars' universe, and had an innovative squad-based system to go along with it. Nearly 16 years on, it's still got a lot going for it and is one of the classics of the 'Star Wars' franchise.

8. 'Castlevania Anniversary Collection'

Featuring a total of eight full games - including 'Kid Dracula', which was never released in English - this collection of time-sucking platform adventures will warm the blood of any player over the age of 30 who had a NES or a SNES. 'Super Castlevania IV' is our personal favourite, what with its gorgeous backdrops and eerie soundtrack. The original 'Castlevania' still holds a lot of charm, and the eBook that contains all the original drawings and music is also worth a flip through too.

7. 'MegaMan X: Legacy Collection'

Like the previous entry, you're getting a lot of games for the one purchase. This collection - one of two - features 'Mega Man X' right up to 'Mega Man X4' and in our opinion, features the cream of the crop. The collection also comes with the 'X Challenge Mode', which drops you into a two-on-one boss fight. You've also got a plethora of art, drawings, and even retro TV ads for the original 'Mega Man X' for the SNES.

6. 'Sonic Mania'

Although it's technically not a classic game - it was released in 2017 - 'Sonic Mania' still gets included because it is the most faithful sequel out there for a 'Sonic' game. Indeed, the level of care and attention that went into recreating the game, down to the glorious 32-bit graphics and the soundtrack, warrants inclusion on this list. If you loved 'Sonic The Hedgehog', this is a must-buy.

5. 'Aladdin & The Lion King'

Both 'Aladdin' and 'The Lion King' were some of the most gorgeous (and frustratingly difficult) platformers of the '90s. Here, they're recreated in every detail. Yet, with 'Aladdin', there's a neat twist. The so-called 'Final Cut' version is as the name suggests - much smoother camera movements, bugs ironed out, and a generally improved version of the game. In fact, you get five versions of 'The Lion King' and six versions of 'Aladdin', so you're getting a lot of game - not to mention a museum for each game of art, videos, and each game's soundtrack too.

4. 'King of Fighters '98'

Widely regarded as the best of the series, 'King of Fighters '98' was and remains the connoisseur's choice in the classics beat-'em-up genre. At a time when you had games like the laughably bad 'Mortal Kombat 4' and 'Street Fighter EX Alpha', there was a much more focused effort in 'KoF '98'. It's every bit as difficult, but every bit as rewarding as you remember.

3. 'Doom II'

Both the original 'Doom' and 'Doom II' are available on the Nintendo Switch, as is 'Doom 64'. We've included 'Doom II' in this list becuase, well, it's our favourite of the series. All of the grisly charm is left intact and the gameplay hasn't lost any of its appeal in the intervening years.

2. 'Sega Genesis Classics'

All told, you get a whopping 50 - that's right, five-oh - games with the 'Sega Genesis Classics', including old masters like all three 'Golden Axe' games, all three 'Streets of Rage' game, 'The Revenge of Shinobi', three of the 'Phantasy Star' RPGs, and plenty more. Sadly, games like 'Ecco the Dolphin' and 'Earthworm Jim' are missing, but there's more than enough here to keep you going for weeks and months.

1. 'NES / SNES Online Membership'

Yes, we said at the outset that we were going to avoid the Nintendo Switch Online service with the NES and SNES libraries, but really, there's no getting away from the amount of classics available here. The NES library has around 70 games and the SNES library has in and around 40 games, both of which are updated pretty regularly. You'll see deep cuts like 'The Immortal' or 'Demon's Crest', as well as old favourites like 'A Link To The Past' and 'Super Punch-Out!!' too. Access to each library will set you back a grand total of just €3.99 for a single month or €19.99 for the annual membership. You also got access to 'Tetris 99' and 'Pac-Man 99', and access to online play for over 500 games too. Whether you get it for that or the NES / SNES libraries is up to you.