(Theatre Of Light, The Point Square)  Friends fans will be brought one step closer to their favourite characters as they take a look at the making of the show, costumes and props and recreate some of the most iconic moments from the globally loved television series, in this truly unique interactive experience, created by Warner Bros. Discovery Global Themed Entertainment, Original X Productions, and Warner Bros. Television Group.

Featuring a variety of nostalgia-packed, interactive sets including Monica’s kitchen and the iconic Friends fountain, The Friends Experience provides guests with the opportunity to take a trip down memory lane with plenty of photo opportunities and chances to recreate their favourite scenes, such as peeking around Rachel and Monica’s purple door, relaxing in Chandler and Joey’s recliners or helping Ross with the infamous sofa pivot. No Friends experience would complete without paying homage to the show’s famed coffee house, Central Perk which will be fully recreated in Dublin’s Theatre of Light, complete with the legendary orange sofa.