Do you like nostalgic video games? Are you a fan of Tony Hawk? Do you remember button bashing to 'Tony Hawk's Pro-Skater' in the late 90's? Then Tony Hawk’s Soundtrack Nostalgia is the perfect event for you.

Released in 1999, 'Tony Hawk's Pro-Skater' became many a Playstation owner's favourite game. Heralding great success, the sequels that later arrived in the early 2000's proved that Tony Hawk was many a kid's hero; if only because he was associated with cool games that played epic music.

Now, The Workman's Club in Dublin have created one hell of a nostalgic event for all you 90's skateboarding wannabes.

Due to take place on Friday, 8th February, the doors for Tony Hawk’s Soundtrack Nostalgia will open at 11.30pm.

What can you expect on the night? Well...

DJs will be spinning some series tunes, playing all the best tracks from 'Tony Hawk’s Pro-Skater' through to 'American Wasteland' and then some.

Throughout the night there will be some pretty slick skate visuals on the big screen featuring classics such as Flip’s Extremely Sorry and CKY, and Tony Hawk’s featured skaters like Eric Koston, Mike Vallely, and Bam Margera.

And lots of arguing over which Tony Hawk’s game is the best *cough* Pro Skater 3 *cough*.

Tickets for Tony Hawk’s Soundtrack Nostalgia are €5 and can be bought here. Head over to the Facebook page (here) where you can request some head-bangers for the DJs to play on the night.

To get you in the mood for the mosh-pits that are bound to happen, here is the full soundtrack to 'Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3' - you can thank us later.