While we haven't seen a real effort at a Tony Hawk's game in a long time, but this one may well transport you back to an age where you had extremely baggy pants and owned a Goldfinger CD. 

While the graphics aren't exactly groundbreaking judging by this trailer, the folks at Activision are working on another instalment in the hugely popular game franchise that we all played when we were moody teens locked in our room listening to emo music.

The new game promises to follow along the lines of the series' biggest hits, allowing you to pull off ridiculous tricks, build your own skateparks and looks to feature some pretty familiar levels from games gone by.

The game will differ in that it will allow for up to 20 players online, so you can skate with all your friends, and generally relive the glory days of one of the finest games of all time.

Now let us all pause for the national anthem of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater

Via Mashable