This weekend, Saturday April 30 and Sunday May 1, will see Universal Space, Dublin 1 play host to Maria Kelly's pop-up exhibition and event, collectively titled 'Postcards In-between'.

The project initially started with Maria asking her fellow Irish songwriters to pen a 'note-to-self' letter. The letters were penned to a version of themselves that they thought might need a helping hand. The letters then became 12 postcards. Each one linked to a track on her 2021 debut album, 'The Sum of the In-between'.

The project features works by Abbacaxi, Ciaran Lavery, James Vincent McMorrow, Paul Noonan, Rosie Carney, Runah, Saint Sister, Sammy Copely, Shiv, Sive and Tim Chadwick.

The works will be exhibited in various forms at a free exhibition at Universal Space, 65 Strand Street Great, Dublin.

On Saturday at 7pm, Maria will present an evening of discussion, music and art. It will feature musicians Tim Chadwick and Sammy Copley and visual artist Cécilia Noiraud. Together, they will be in discussion with Siobhan Murray, a psychotherapist and author.

The conversation will explore the idea of self-compassion, particularly in the lives of Irish creatives. It will also feature the interplay between mental health and creative careers, and the avenues of support available as a creative community and from dedicated mental health services.

Maria Kelly says, "the project aims to bridge the gap between who we were, who we are, and who we will be. It's a project about self-compassion; acknowledging the part of ourselves that is always changing, growing and learning. The part that is always, at some level, trying their best."

Tickets for the 'Postcards In-between' Saturday panel performances can be bought here