Mmmm, chocolate.

It’s Easter weekend which means this Sunday, you’ll be stuffing yourself with that sweet, delicious treat that is chocolate.

To get your appetite going, we’re looking at some of the best movie and TV scenes that are focused around that delightful food. Enjoy!


'Forrest Gump' – "Life is like a bunch of chocolates"

That iconic Forrest Gump line is probably the best life metaphor that has ever been inspired by the sweet treat.


'The Simpsons' – The Land of Chocolate

It’s obviously not the most practical idea, but this famous fantasy scene from 'The Simpsons' made us all think what it would be like if there really was such a place.


'Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory' – The Candy Man

Willy Wonka had plenty of sweet moments but this musical number is just a delight.

Giving out so many free sweets is probably not the most efficient way to run a business, but one can dream.



We don’t think we’d necessarily call this scene appetising but it is uplifting, and undoubtedly one of the most famous chocolate-related movie scenes ever.



Chocolate and comedy combine in this gas scene from 'Bridesmaids' where Kristen Wiig’s character has a mental breakdown.



A movie called 'Chocolat' is bound to have plenty of scenes featuring the delicacy and we found it hard to choose just one. We picked the party preparation scene since it makes it look so damn good.


'Sex and the City'

In one of her low points, Miranda eats a cake she made for herself out of the bin. We've all been there... haven't we?



We may or may not have ever eaten chocolate out of the garbage, but we’ve definitely finished someone else’s before.


'The Simpsons' (again)

We know we already had one from 'The Simpsons', but this is too funny not to include.