For many actors, acting is acting and while method acting is a thing, it often goes to emotional experiences that equate to the scene in question.

Of course, there's been plenty of examples of actors who have used their real-life skills in a show. Nick Offerman, for example, really is a woodworker and knows how to play saxaphone - just like Ron Swanson on 'Parks and Recreation'. Pierce Brosnan once did a fire-eating trick on 'Muppets Tonight' because, well, he was once a fire-eater.

Yet, during said 'Minilogue', Kimmel asked how Courtney Cox was getting on with being indoors for the next while and decided to take him - and everyone watching it - through a tour of her kitchen cupboards and fridges. As you'd expect, it was freakishly neat with everything in jars - a fact that Kimmel caught pretty much right away.

Maybe she just organised that because she knew she was going to be showing it off, but something tells us that this was way too organised for it just to be just a once-off. Not only that, but there's also even some kind of index of stuff on the cupboard door. Who does that?

Monica does that, that's who. Here's the full video. Skip to around 7.30 for the bit where Courtney Cox comes in.