With Danny Boyle's take on the Sex Pistols hitting Disney+ next week, we chatted with some of the cast members of the show about working with the Oscar-winning director, their relationship with the iconic band, and if punk rock can make a comeback.

We chatted to Tallulah Riely (who plays fashion icon Vivienne Westwood), Sydney Chandler (who plays Chrissie Hynde in a breakout role) and Emma Appleton (who plays the famous Nancy Spungen and dominates the last two episodes of the show).

In our chat we discussed what attracted them to the project, working with avowed music fan Danny Boyle, and whether punk rock can make a comeback in the turbulent times we're living in.

'Pistol' hits Disney+ on May 31st, and be sure to check it out - our review says it's one of the best shows of the year.