Coming out of nowhere to knock us off our feet has been one of the surprise highlights of this summer's blockbuster season, Edge Of Tomorrow. It's a fantastic action sci-fi spectacle, and earlier this week we were lucky enough to talk to its leading lady and director.

If you want to check out our review before you hear Doug Liman giving us the low down and answer our tough, hard-hitting questions, then you can find that over here, or check us out chatting to Emily Blunt, one of the stars of the show.  

Director Doug Liman, who previously brought us the likes of The Bourne Identity and Mr & Mrs Smith was nice enough to sit down with us earlier this week to talk about his new blockbuster, Edge of Tomorrow. It's been over four years since Liman last had a movie on the big screen, and we discussed the difficulties of working on a sci-fi movie with so many new ideas happening all at once, and the physical prowess of one Mister Tom Cruise when he decides he wants to do a stunt!