This week in gaming...

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet got another trailer this week. They had already given us Professor Gigachad, they showed us lil thiccboi Lechonk, and now they provide Fidough, the little perfect pastry puppy Pokemon.

Apart from that we saw more of the open world, heard about the gym challenges as well as two other campaigns, and the main gimmick of this generation, Terastallising.

Your Pokemon can crystallise and sometimes take on a different typing, like a Flying type Pikachu. It’s another temporary form like Mega Evolution or Gigantamax.

It also seems like we’ll be getting our hands on the legendaries, either Koraidon or Miraidon, quite early into the game, as they will function as our various modes of transportation.

God of Warning

Sometimes you realise just how fleeting video games can be. What is an innovative, revolutionary masterpiece one minute can quickly be lost to the ages… I am, of course, talking about War Gods Zeus of Child.

The game was a very, very poor man's God of War - or at least that's what it wanted to be perceived as. It had Kratos in it, and that is where the similarities ended. It has since been taken down from the Microsoft Store, surely a sigh of relief for Sony.

New & Upcoming Releases

On to some new releases from this week: Turbo Golf Racing is out now on Xbox and PC, and is on Game Pass too if you’re subscribed. It’s a game that may remind you of Rocket League on the surface, but it has its own crazy golf element that sees players racing to get their ball in the hole as fast as possible, while trying to interfere with other players efforts, and trying to avoid others doing the same to them.

If never sleeping again is more your cup of tea, then The Mortuary Assistant may be right down your creepy alley. You play as - you guessed it - a mortuary assistant trying to get some work done in the dead of night while being plagued by demons. Fun!

Two Point Campus releases on Playstation, Xbox, Switch and PC on the 9th August, and straight to Game Pass too if you have it! Our editor Mike loved the game, calling it “a rich and joyous experience that recalls the very best of the strategy genre.”