This week in gaming...

Call of Duty on Game Pass

Xbox are planning to add Call of Duty to Game Pass. While Microsoft is blue in the face telling everyone that the mega franchise will stay multiplatform, they still want to add it to their subscription service alongside Overwatch and Diablo.

However, the UK's Competition and Markets Authority are considering a phase 2 to the investigation into whether this acquisition of Activision is anti-competition.

Meanwhile Sony & Tencent have bought shares in Dark Souls and Elden Ring creators, From Software. Call of Duty will remain on all platforms, but whether or not you get them on the cheap with your Game Pass sub remains to be seen.

No government body is looking into the impact eighty quid games are having on our wallets though.

Big Chungus in Multiversus

If having Arya Stark fight Bugs Bunny and Batman teaming up with LeBron James wasn’t a strange enough combination for you, Multiversus could be adding iconic meme Big Chungus to their roster.

A trademark filed in August covers the use of the thicc boi’s image in video games, films and even toys and merch. Big Chungus has appeared in the game Looney Tunes World of Mayhem, so there’s a chance it isn’t to do with Multiversus, but moves like this could be the icing on the cake of what is shaping up to be quite a great game.

Just think of some other cool characters that could be added by Warner Bros: Beetlejuice, Walter White, the cast of Gossip Girl… The possibilities are endless!

New Mafia Game Announced

A new Mafia game is underway!

Developers Hangar 13 announced that work on an all-new Mafia project has started, but is still a few years away. This came as part of the 20th anniversary celebration of the series that also sees the original 2002 game going for free on Steam until 5th September - so go and pick that up!

It’s always a treat going back to live out the mobster fantasy, and hopefully this next entry will be something really special.

Xbox and Switch Console Price Unchanged

Xbox and Nintendo Switch consoles won’t be getting price hikes - at least not yet.

This news came after both Playstation 5 models got a 50 euro price increase everywhere but America. Between this and the over-zealous €80 price tag on The Last of Us Part 1 that releases this week, it’s just getting harder and harder to give Sony any money.

Literally, we've none left.

Immortality for GOTY?

Another game that was released this week is Immortality, an interactive film video game created by Sam Barlow - and it’s on Game Pass.

Our editor Mike got his hands on the game, saying it’s “a gaming experience like no other. The level of creativity, novelty and innovation on show is nothing short of astounding, and it is a reminder that not all games are soulless cash grabs.

This is GOTY potential right here.