U2's new album may be released sooner than expected, according to comments made by The Edge in a new interview with Rolling Stone.

The foursome toured the world on the back of their 'Songs of Innocence' album, and are already working on its follow-up, believed to be titled 'Songs of Experience', which allegedly shares a similar sound to their 1993 album 'Zooropa'.

The guitarist said that the band had up to 50 song ideas to narrow down to an eventual tracklisting. "Including a lot of my really rough demos - I'm not suggesting they're finished, by any means - there's actually 50 pieces of music that I've put time into," he said. "Some of them have not been arranged or performed by the band, but there's 50 ideas, and probably about 20 that we're actually really excited about. So we've got some ways to narrow it down, but we're in good shape."

As for when we might expect to hear it, it may not be this year but it also may not be too far off: "It's really hard to say at this point when it will be done," he said. "We're definitely still in the weeds here. We're not booking the pressing plant, so to speak, just yet."

In the same interview, The Edge said that it might not be too long before U2 tour again: 'We had such a great time playing recently. The way the show came together, we were really happy with it. Also, it seemed, for us, to suggest that there were ways to develop this particular tour using similar production. So we're tossing some ideas around."