If you're an Android user and you've been waiting patiently to access Apple Music on your phone, good news - the app is finally available.

However, as you may expect of Apple making their product available for their competitors, it's not quite as complete a version as the iOS one. For example, certain features - like beginning a family membership within the app, and Apple Connect's music videos - are not available for Android. That said, this version is a beta version and those features may yet be added.

Otherwise, you'll still be able to access your free three-month trial and all the works, including the Beats 1 radio station, playlists and more.

As Billboard reports, Apple Music has been pretty successful since its launch in late June, with over 6.5 million subscribers and 8.5 million users. "We wanted it to be for everyone," said Eddy Cue of Apple. "We wanted people to be able to enjoy music on their iPhone, or Android phone, or Windows computer, or Apple TV. Everyone loves music."

Via Billboard.com