At this time of year, you're inundated with various 'end of year' lists where people and publications basically tell you the best of what they've been listening to in 2015.

It can all become a little much - but if you've reached saturation point with other peoples' lists, you can always make your own.

Spotify will now let you create your own 'Year in Music' card, which automatically generates an overview of what you've been listening to throughout 2015, then allows you to share it via Twitter, Facebook and other social media channels.

Of course, if you're a muso and you've been listening to a lot of cheesy pop music on the down-low, it may not be the best way to announce your love of Jason Derulo. Not that we'd know anything about that. Ahem.

As well as giving you a rundown of what song you've listened to month-by-month, your list will give you details such as:

- Your first played song of 2015
- Your top songs, artists, and genres
- Your top artists by season
- Total minutes of music listened to
- Total number of songs and artists played

It'll also generate a custom playlist for you for to remember your 2015 in music, based on the info above.

To get your 'Year in Music 2015' card, visit this link via Spotify.



Via VentureBeat