Not content with 'Uptown Funk' being one of the biggest global hits of the last few years, Mark Ronson has only gone and re-recorded a new version of the song.

After seeing several impressive cover version of the song on YouTube, Ronson brought the six artists responsible together at London's Abbey Road Studios for a re-arranged version of the hit he created with Bruno Mars.

However, the six musicians weren't aware that they were recording the track for Ronson himself - rather a documentary about him.

The producer said: "It was brilliant to bring together six unique talents and produce a new cover of my track. It's an honour that such talented people are interested in my music, and I loved working with the group - they shared such a good energy, and we created something special. It's the first time I've ever produced a cover of one of my own songs, and I really enjoyed it."

Hear the new version of 'Uptown Funk' below: