Certain musical factions of the Internet were geared up to go into hyperdrive this evening, after a day-long build-up about a 'big announcement', strongly rumoured to be the news of the Stone Roses' third album.

Instead, it's been revealed that the announcement was for a series of three UK gigs taking place next summer.

They'll play Manchester's Etihad Stadium on June 17th and 18th, with tickets going on sale this Friday.

They'll also headline Scotland's T in the Park festival on July 8th.

No news on further dates, although it's pretty unlikely that they'll reform for just three dates - so watch this space. Possible Electric Picnic headliners? Stranger things have happened… 

As for that album? Well, some 'well-placed sources' have allegedly confirmed that they have been recording again, so maybe they're saving that particular bit of news for a rainy day.