In what is either a stroke of genius or sheer madness, Weezer have released a music video for their cover of Toto's 'Africa', and we can't get enough of "Weird Al" as frontman Rivers Cuomo. 

During the height of the summer, we had the delight in hearing that Weezer were releasing a cover of Toto's 'Africa', following a 14-year-old's Twitter campaign to make her dream a reality. 

Toto even did a cover of the Weezer song 'Hash Pipe' in retaliation. 

Now, Weezer have filmed a music video 'Africa' featuring "Weird Al" Yankovic taking off lead singer Cuomo. Along with other stand-ins for the rest of the band, the music video is a throwback to Weezer's music video for 'Undone (The Sweater Song)' from 2004. Disappointingly though, 'Africa' doesn't feature any dogs running around.

Yankovic previously joined Weezer on stage during the summer when they were covering 'Africa' in LA, so placing him into their music video for the song makes a bit more sense now. 



Via Maxim