Between the weather we're enjoying and this cover, we are feeling blissfully summery right now.

Weezer, who have given us the summertime hit ‘Island in the Sun’ as well as sunny single ‘Beverly Hills’, have released a cover of Toto’s ‘Africa’ after an online campaign from one determined tweeter.

It’s all thanks to a 14 year old Weezer fan named Mary from Cleveland, who set up the ‘weezer cover africa by toto’ Twitter account @weezerafrica last December. She has been tweeting requests to the band’s Twitter account and the band members’ individual accounts that they cover ‘Africa’ ever since.














Earlier in the week, Weezer trolled @weezerafrica by covering Toto song ‘Rosanna’ rather than ‘Africa.’


But today they revealed that they have indeed done a cover of ‘Africa’ after all.


@weezerafrica is, understandably, delighted, but now contemplates what to do with her life at a level 14 year olds really needn’t be concerned about.



Still if this story shows anything, it’s the power of the internet. @weezerafrica, we salute you.


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