It’s strange to start an interview when you’re not sure how to address someone, so, as I assume has happened hundreds of times before, the chat begins with an obvious question, to which it gets cheerful “No, call me Louisa, please”.

Do you get Foxes a lot from fans and the public? “Yeah, it’s weird because I guess I am Foxes too, so I’ve to be ready to get both”. Good to know that if a fan starts yelling Foxes across the street it’s good to know they’ll get a response, and not seem like a mentaler “yeah, I’m getting used to answering to both, but it’s not like I have swarms of people calling out to me on the street just yet”.

If that kind of superstardom hasn’t hit by now, it’s not far off. After having huge success featuring on Zedd’s “Clarity”, as well as her own hit “Turn Out The Lights” from her debut album “Glorious”, she’s been all around the UK, Japan and the U.S., picking up a Grammy along the way.

Now back in her mum’s house in Southampton as she prepares for her new album, set for next year, she finally gets some downtime. But with a year as busy like that, you’d forgive her for forgetting the last time she played Ireland, back in March when she sold out the Academy 2, possibly the only artist to have played the venue after having won a Grammy.

“No, I do remember the last gig, downstairs, it was great, but we didn’t get to stay in the country very long. We spent most of the time in a lovely pub near the place, but what I saw of Dublin I loved, and hopefully I’ll get to see a lot more this time around”.

But we aren’t likely to catch you in such small venues anymore, this time around you’ve moved upstairs to The Academy, so it looks like the days of the underground gigs are long gone now.

“Well I really enjoy playing smaller venues. I’ve just come off a tour with Pharrell, playing to arenas of thousands of people, so it’ll be nice to get back to the more intimate shows, even if they are bigger than before”.

On the topic of Pharrell, you got a lot of attention for your cover of his hit “Happy” on the BBC Live Lounge, how did you feel about the X Factor using a very, very similar version of that arrangement this year?

“Yeah it was pretty similar. My phone got a few texts on that Saturday night from people telling me the X Factor also covered the song, but I think you have to take it as a compliment.

It’s kind of annoying because there was a great group of musicians who helped me with that arrangement, and they get no credit from that, but you have to see it as a hat-tip, people must have liked our version”.

But with that the interview ends as we’re interrupted by a call to head to the studio. There’s not even time to talk about her appearance on Doctor Who, or press for more details about next year’s album.

But with someone who’s that busy, it’s tough to keep them all day. Not ones to hold up a schedule, we let her go, but she’ll be in The Academy, Dublin, this Thursday 4th, so we won’t have a long wait before seeing her again.