U2 sure are making the most of their time in New York.

The Dublin rockers are at the tail end of their North American tour, playing the last of their 8-night-stand at Madison Square Garden tonight.

In the latest in our 'Who's going to play with U2 tonight?' series (see also: Lady Gaga, Jimmy Fallon, random tribute band), however, they brought none other than Paul Simon out to play a few tunes last night.

Simon joined the band to play his song 'Mother and Child Reunion' - which you can see below:


U2 also covered Lou Reed's 'Satellite of Love', after stating that Reed's widow, musician Laurie Anderson, was also in the crowd.


There were some other special guests in the audience, too - most notably the woman who called 911 after Bono's bike accident in Central Park last year, as well as the firefighters from Engine 44 who responded to the call.

"I am here today because some people, when I crashed my bike here in the city, a beautiful girl made a phone call to 911," he told the audience. "She's from Denver, but she's here tonight. And so is Engine 44, the firefighters that picked me up off the ground."

Bono handed the mic to the woman to tell her side of the story, and she said: "So I have to clarify, it's Alyssa and I'm from D.C., not Denver. Here's what happened: I was running in Central Park, there was an accident, obviously I had to stop and help because I'm not from New York, I'm from Virginia, where people are nice…," but a chorus of boos drowned her out before she could finish her story. Thereby proving her point, some would say… 

Via Billboard