Well, this is embarrassing - not to mention somewhat terrifying if you happen to have a fear of malfunctioning rollercoasters, as many people do.

Rock band Motley Crue played their last-ever gig at Los Angeles' Staples Center on New Year's Eve, and their elaborate set included a rollercoaster that Tommy Lee was attached to as he played his drum kit on a rotating platform. No surprise there; they are a particularly ostentatious band, after all.

However, the ride malfunctioned when Lee was on it, trapping him upside-down and forcing him to be rescued by the band's crew amidst a lot of expletives.

It then jammed again mid-way down, forcing him to abandon ship and climb to the ground.

It was, as many have pointed out, particularly Spinal Tap-esque. 

Watch it below: