Bruce Springsteen has officially been performing his song 'Thunder Road' live for 41 years now - it's been a regular feature of his setlist ever since he released 1975's 'Born to Run' album.

Now, a fan has compiled live performances of The Boss playing the song into one supercut, and it's a must-watch for fans.

Don't worry, it only lasts for five and a half minutes - but it takes it performances from London, Stockholm, New York, Milan and many more locations, occasionally with the backing of The E Street Band, but occasionally solo, too.

Its creator Phil Whitehead said: "In this video, I wanted to explore how a song like Thunder Road has changed, not only in the way Springsteen performs it, but also how its meaning evolves with an older person singing. I also wanted to look the evolution of live recordings, both professional and homemade."

Watch it below: 

H/T: Billboard