Canadian art-pop star Grimes - who had a big hit with her song 'Oblivion' a few years back, and who was on the end of rave reviews for her most recent album 'Art Angels' - suffered a mishap at her Dublin gig last night.

It seems that Grimes, real name Claire Boucher, had problems with sound and equipment all the way through the gig - and at several points received electric shocks from her equipment.

A fan video captured by  _dil_emma and uploaded to Instagram showed the moment when, during the song 'Butterfly', a loud crackle and bang can be heard and Boucher recoils as if shocked:

Like a trooper, Boucher continued with the gig and later tweeted - and deleted - ""Dublin! 1 mil apologies that my pedal failed and I was electrocuted, but there are tears in my eyes that y'all were so so wonderful".