As an actor, there are fewer gigs that put you in a weirder or more cringeworthy situation than playing the role of a stock footage office worker.

You have to do things like dance in a suit in a boardroom because you sealed that big deal, you need to answer the phone but turn and smile at the camera, as if we care that you're happy when you answer the tenth wrong number call today, or hold a big piece of paper with a question mark over your face. It's all weird and makes absolutely no sense, but it makes even less sense when you introduce a soundtrack. 

Set to the music of DJ Rashad's 'She A Go', these office workers mean business, but not in the way that the maker of the footage ever intended for them to. It's also a little bit trippy and slightly hypnotic, but we are enjoying it for some reason. 

We're worried about this guy though, this whole scene is a bit sinister, right?

Via Mashable