All those who doubted it would happen, all those who said they'd never reunite - they're all wrong.

Last night, Slash Hudson and Axl Rose reunited on stage for the first time in twenty-three years and played a set in Los Angeles' famous Troubadour on Santa Monica Boulevard. The surprise show, which was only announced a couple of hours before the band took to the stage, was one of the first venues the band played back in the late '80s.

The footage, captured by fans on the night, is made up of several Instagram videos spliced together. The concert last night kicks off a US reunion tour for GNR which will see them play this year's Coachella Festival, as well as a range of high-profile venues across the States.

There's been no word yet if GNR are planning to plan this side of the Atlantic, however there are more than enough gigs planned out for the US tour.

So, how do GNR sound after twenty-plus years apart? About as well as you'd expect.

Take a look.


Via YouTube