It's no secret that Puddle of Mudd frontman Wes Scantlin has been troubled in recent times.

One gig in the past few months saw him stop mid-set and admonish an audience member who he accused of 'stealing his house'.

Now, footage from a gig in Doncaster, England last week shows his bandmates walk off stage and leave him sitting shirtless, on a chair, speaking to the audience and refusing to leave the stage as music plays over the soundsystem. Crowd reports suggest that he was drunk on stage from the beginning of the gig.

He said: "My band Puddle of Mudd who I thought was my band has quit on me. They have stopped playing with me. Not a surprise."

Scantlin has had problems with alcohol and drug addiction in the past and clearly needs help here. The band later released a statement saying: "It will be no secret that last nights Puddle of Mudd gig didn’t exactly go to plan as our 500 strong audience were certainly treated to a very ‘rock n roll’ evening, and in the end, quite concerning performance from lead signer, Wes Scatlin."

However, he has denied that the band have split via Twitter:


Warning: NSFW language in the below clip.