Professor Green? More like Professor Black and Blue...

Anyone attending a Professor Green gig in future who might be looking to hurl abuse at the rapper would be well served in checking the above video where a student from Durham University found himself at the business end of the back of Prof Green's hand for doing just that.

The incident happened last weekend at a Student's Union ball and, as you can see in the footage, Green appears to strike the fan and allegedly walked away saying: "That's what happens if you call me a c**t, but are we gonna have a f**king good time tonight or what?"

A statement from Camp Green has since been released about the matter, stating: "During Professor Green's live show at Durham University on Friday night, a student verbally abused Green repeatedly and then went to strike him. Green reacted. The student was subsequently escorted out from the venue for being too drunk. Green carried on the show to perform his full set."

The rapper, who has been embroiled in a series of damaging incidents in recent times, has since commented on the matter on Twitter.