Morrissey gave his first televised interview in almost a decade the other night, when he appeared on web show Larry King Now to discuss various topics.

The singer recently recounted an unpleasant experience at San Francisco airport, where he alleged he was sexually assaulted by a member of staff as he passed through security. When asked about the incident by King, he said that the member of staff had put a finger down his 'rear cleavage" as well as groping him from the front.

"I had been through the first scanner, and then I had been through the second bit, and everything was fine and clear - but then he went straight for my private bits," he said, "and then he put his finger down my rear cleavage."

He also discussed his battle with depression and his ongoing treatment for Barrett's Oesophagus, which entails having abnormal and potentially pre-cancerous cells scraped in the event they turn malignant.

Morrissey is set to be awarded an Honorary Patronage of Trinity College's Phil. Soc. in October, details of which have yet to be announced.

Watch the clips below: