Right, now we're fully convinced that the whole 'Justin Bieber walking off radio interview' and 'Justin Bieber storming off stage' fiascos last week were all part of the promotional campaign for his new album. 

Cynical, us? Well, the pop star's latest headline-grabbing incident was him stopping a gig midway during a song to chastise fans for not clapping in time. How very Russell Crowe of him.

The alternative explanation, of course… well, let's not go there.

While playing an acoustic version of 'What Do You Mean?' for Spanish TV, Bieber became irritated and stopped singing, saying 'At least clap on the right notes! C'mon, guys. Stop, stop, stop, stop. If you're gonna clap, at least clap on beat."

It's keeping him in the headlines ahead of his new album release next week, but we're not sure that being mean to your fans is the best marketing ploy. 

Still, the only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about, right?

Watch it below (skip to 2:35) to see the incident in question: