The usually mild-mannered Hozier has been outspoken in his views on the church and their stance on homosexuality and gay marriage - his biggest hit 'Take Me to Church' touched on those two very topics, after all.

The Wicklow man appeared on Larry King Now on Monday to discuss the Catholic Church and various other topics with guest host Kelly Osbourne.

"This is one of the paradoxes and weird hypocrisy of that organisation," he said. "The pope came here last year and said, 'Who am I to judge with regards to somebody's sexual orientation?' I think it is important to differentiate between lip service towards something and actually making change. I think it is hopeful, but saying this in 2015, 'Who am I to judge?' is something that should have been said 100 years ago."

He discussed how his feelings on the matter informed his own work, saying: "It is one that has institutionalised gender inequality as well, dangerous policy over contraception and, in this case, it still harbours an irrational aversion to homosexuality. Which, in my view, I think that is why I was driven to write 'Take Me to Church.' I think the church provides an excuse for homophobia."

He also spoke about the ongoing violence against the LGBT community in Russia in the full interview, which you can see below: