He's becoming a dab hand at facilitating these marriage proposals and wedding-related performances, is Ed Sheeran - at this rate, he might as well start charging for them.

The singer posted a clip on his Twitter page that showed him interrupting a gig in Austin, Texas to bring a fan and his girlfriend on stage.

While playing his song 'All of the Stars', Sheeran stepped to the side of the stage and the fan then began reading from a piece of paper, saying 'I'm just Thinking Out Loud here, but…" to the screams of thousands - because it's important to play to the crowd when you're asking someone to marry you, right? (Cynical, us?)

By all means, it affected the ginger singer as he said "I might've welled up, but don't say anything" in the tweet.

What do you reckon - emotional or painfully cheesy?  Decide for yourselves below: