When you're in the game as long as The Boss, you get to learn a few tricks.

It can be anything as intricate as learning to deal with fame or how to balance work or life, or it can be much more simpler things. Taking selfies, however, you'd think would be something Bruce wouldn't have to concern himself with.

Not so, apparently, as this video shows. The Boss was playing a concert in Baltimore and, as part of his show, sees him walking through the crowd with a mic in hand as he blasts out the lyrics. People take pictures, sing along, and of course, try and snap a sneaky selfie with him.

Bruce, of course, has this nailed down a tee. Watch what happens in super slo-mo. Also, that lady's reaction afterwards is pretty much all of us.

If he does something similar when he's playing Croke Park in May, the poor bastard's going to be mobbed silly.

Also, why exactly was the guy filming in super slo-mo? So many questions, really.


Via YouTube