If you're a big fan of The Beatles you might already have taken a pilgrimage to Abbey Road Studios, where the band recorded many of their albums and singles.

Indeed, some of the biggest names in music used - and continue to use - the studio in St. John's Wood in London. It's still a functioning studio to this day, so it does not offer public tours.

However, all is not lost. Inside Abbey Road, a new interactive site developed by Google, allows fans to navigate through the studio for the first time, taking a tour of its corridors and rooms from the comfort of their armchairs. It works a bit like Google Street View, with users given the ability to turn 360-degrees in any direction.

There are over 150 different angles of the building's three main studios, alongside a media archive and an exhibit.

You're also given a rundown on how vinyl is made, you can test your mixing skills, and you can access to a library of songs and sounds recorded at Abbey Road over the years.

A video explaining Inside Abbey Road can be seen below, and if you'd like to take the virtual tour, click here.