It seems that Eagles of Death Metal are not endearing themselves to people lately, mostly thanks to frontman Jesse Hughes's comments relating to the terrorist attacks in Paris last year.

Hughes had previously spoken in an interview about his thoughts on the terrorist attack at the band's gig at Le Bataclan in Paris last November, and how he believed that it was an 'inside job' with the co-operation of venue security staff. He later recanted the comments and apologised after a public outcry, with the venue describing his outburst as 'to be blamed on the heavy trauma he incurred.'

However, it seems that the pro-gun, Donald Trump-supporting rock star really believes his original assertions about the atrocity, as he has repeated them in a new interview with website Taki's Magazine.

In it, Hughes said: "I know for sure that they were in there early. I remember them staring at my buddy. I just chalked it up to Arab envy. You know what I mean? When a Muslim sees a cocky American dude with tattoos, he stares at him. I realized later it was [one of the terrorists] Abdeslam and he was staring at my buddy because he thought he was a threat. There's no denying the terrorists were inside, and they had to get in somehow. During the shooting, I went outside and the backstage door was propped open. How did that happen?"

He also made reference to seeing "Muslims celebrating in the street during the attack."

His comments have led to Eagles of Death Metal being dropped from two French music festivals - Rock en Seine in Paris, and Cabaret Vert in Northern France, who said they are "in total disagreement with Jesse Hughes's recent allegations".

The band have not made a comment on being axed from their bills.