The One Direction era is nearly over… tomorrow night, the boyband finish their last tour before going on 'hiatus' in March.

However, it seems that they're as popular on ever, if their stats on Twitter are anything to go by.

New figures released by Twitter break down how many times the four-piece have been tweeted about in 2015 alone. It's 700 million. 700 million tweets. That's not far off a billion tweets about One Direction. Phew.

Below, you'll see a breakdown of the most tweeted-about members. Niall Horan may be the most active member on Twitter, but it's Harry Styles who is the most popular, it would appear...

Most-Tweeted about members of the band (as a five-piece):

1) Harry Styles (@Harry_Styles) - 120m

2) Niall Horan (@NiallOfficial) - 85m

3) Zayn Malik (@zaynmalik) - 80m

4) Louis Tomlinson (@Louis_Tomlinson) - 73m

5) Liam Payne (@Real_Liam_Payne) - 63m


One Direction moments that have generated the largest spikes in conversation on Twitter this year:

1) March 25/26th - Zayn announces his exit from the band: 18.7m Tweets

2) August 24/25th - One Direction announce the news of their hiatus: 15.5m Tweets

3) July 31st/Aug1 - Drag Me Down, the first release as a foursome, is released: 13.1m Tweets

4) July 29th - Zayn signs solo deal: 10.5m Tweets

5) April 5th - Right after Zayn leaves One Direction. The band returns home and gives their first interview as a four: 10.1m Tweets

*All data January 1-October 27, 2015