The Christmas ad for UK chain John Lewis has proven to be one of the biggest on telly for the last few years - most notably because of its use of well-known songs.

In previous years, songs by Keane, The Smiths, John Lennon and Frankie Goes to Hollywood have been covered by acts like Tom Odell, Lily Allen and Ellie Goulding.

This year, however, there are whispers that the song used on the ad may be an Oasis one.

You may be thinking that something like 'Wonderwall' or 'Don't Look Back in Anger' would be perfectly suited to the plinky-plonk tearjerking nature of the ads - but no. Marketing Magazine are alleging that 'Half the World Away' - the same song used as the theme for 'The Royle Family' - is in the running.

John Lewis have refused to confirm or deny the reports, saying that several tracks were up for consideration and a decision had not yet been made. With less than two months left until Christmas, however, do we believe them?