One of the most memorable moments of this year's U2's Slane gigs took place before Bono and co had even taken the stage, when the PA system suddenly pumped out the Thin Lizzy classic The Boys Are Back In Town. Corny or not, it was an appropriate tribute to the band who dominated Irish rock for an all too brief period in the seventies and whose star burns as brightly as ever. With Phil Lynott's life story shortly due to be captured on celluloid, this lavish box set is long overdue - but thankfully it's turned out to be well worth the wait. Vagabonds, Kings, Warriors, Angels captures everything that made Lizzy great - their exuberant hard-nosed rock, their masculine brand of working-class solidarity and, above all, Lynott's overpowering, unforgettable charisma. With 73 tracks and five hours worth of listening, this beautifully packaged collection comfortably takes in all of the band's finest moments, along with enough demos and rarities to keep all but the most fussy of completists happy. Unforgettable.