There will always (always!) be those sneaky little tunes that worm their way into your brain, despite your most valiant attempts to keep them out – so on that note, we are willing to potentially embarrass ourselves with the list of the best musical guilty pleasures of 2015 that you'll find below.

On one hand, we completely reject the idea of a 'guilty pleasure'; musical taste is enormously subjective and one person's secret Spotify playlist of shame is another person's pride and joy.

On the other hand… well, it's just a bit of fun.

Here goes… 

1. Jason Derulo – 'Want to Want Me'

We're not even that embarrassed about this one. This is simply a great, upbeat little pop tune from the man who loves singing his own name - and heavily inspired, to our ears, by Michael Jackson. And ain't nowt wrong with that. So there. 


2. Carly Rae Jepsen – 'I Really Like You'

It was no 'Call Me Maybe', let's be honest – but it was still darned catchy. And Tom Hanks was in the video, so she scores bonus points.


3. Little Mix – 'Black Magic'

While we're no fans of Little Mix, there's something about this peppy tune that ignites something happy in our hearts. 


4. Justin Bieber – 'Sorry'

Right, well we properly hate ourselves for this one – but bloody hell, it's a good pop song. He's come a long way from "Baby, baby, baby oh / Baby, baby, baby no", so he has.


5. One Direction – 'Perfect'

They were pretty disappointing at the 3Arena, and it's far from their best song – but still, we defy to you tap your toe along to this little number, which kind of rips off Taylor Swift's 'Style' (but that was kind of the point, we expect.)


6. Calvin Harris & Disciples - 'How Deep Is Your Love'

We don't like you, Calvin Harris. Let's just be clear about that. And we would have loved if this song was a cover of the Bee Gees hit. It's not, but we like it, nonetheless. 


7. Wiz Khalifa featuring Charlie Puth - 'See You Again'

A song released with an accompanying video (with the late Paul Walker featuring heavily) that was designed purely to capitalise on your sentimentality, we should shun this track as a matter of principle. But it's a decent enough song and we're partial to the odd helping of cheese, so we won't.  


8. LunchMoney Lewis - 'Bills'

Move over Destiny's Child, there's another singer with financial woes in town. Where the hell did LunchMoney Lewis come from? He had previously featured as a rapper on Nicki Minaj's 'The Pinkprint', but the 27-year-old's star exploded with this number, released in February. It's actually scientifically* kind of impossible not to like this song. Goddamn, goddamn, goddamn indeed.