The 2000s birthed some of the most enduring music of our time, however it also landed giant turds on us that still get trotted during weddings and social events.

And while the songs might still resonate with us, it's the music videos that are cringe-inducing. So, with that in mind, we've come up with ten of the most hilariously shit music videos from the '00s for you.

Get the metallic t-shirts and baggy pants ready and start working on your coordinated dance moves.


10. CHEEKY GIRLS - Basically any of their videos

There was always a feeling that you accidentally flicked over to BabeStation or TelevisionX whenever you saw a music video for The Cheeky Girls. That... wasn't an accident.


9. HEIDI MONTAG - Higher

Beach? Check. Running in a swimsuit? Check. Black-and-white footage from a side angle? Check. Yes, Heidi Montag's filmed-on-a-camera-borrowed-from-her-mate music video for Higher was late-2000's realness.


8. BAHA MEN - Who Let The Dogs Out?

Who, indeed, the let the dogs out? This question has plagued philosophers, intellectuals and the writing staff of countless scholarly journals across the ages. Shout-out to the fish-eye camera operator, too. He / she was working overtime on this one.


7. THE CALLING - Wherever You Will Go 

Did anyone not clock that the singer was basically doing a bad Eddie Vedder impression? Also, the amount of water around the band's equipment was a shock hazard. Health and safety should have shut them down. Plus, the singer's just standing there, watching Tattoo Lady smash up an apartment. What's that about? So many questions. 


6. DIDO - Here With Me

Imagine if she tried to walk down the middle of O'Connell Street? She'd have lasted about two minutes before some taxi driver ploughed her out of it. Also, can you name the TV series this song was used in? Answers on a postcard, please.




It's the final bit when she's in bed and just mouths AM to PM at you that makes it.  As if she'd get into bed with a full face of make up - INTACT - after a night out.


4. MARIAH CAREY and WESTLIFE - Against All Odds

Those blue glasses and Brian McFadden's questionable haircut. Mariah Carey staring off forlornly on her lot and the half-opened shirts. 


3. PARIS HILTON - Stars Are Blind

Paris Hilton had a music career and we, as a species, allowed that to happen. Also, let's hope UB40 got a big, fat, greasy lump of money for this because they deserve it.




"OK, so Victoria Beckham is like this leather-clad dancer person who lives in a warehouse with lasers. Dane, your Audi TT gets taken over and magically takes you to Victoria. You then take off your parka jacket a few times and Victoria beats the crap out of people. It'll make sense, trust me." It didn't. At all.


1. SIX - There's A Whole Lotta Lovin' Goin' On

Please rise for the National Anthem as performed by Not Steps.