Given the fact that every single person you know (alright, most people, then) has been talking about it/humming it for the past week - and the fact that it's spawned parodies and comedy sketches and various covers in just over a week - it's no surprise that Adele's comeback single 'Hello' went straight in at number one in the UK and Ireland.

However, perhaps even she didn't expect just how big the single would be; it's been revealed that 'Hello' is the biggest UK single of the last three years. Take that, Uptown Funk.

Its combined sales - including streaming figures, which now contribute to chart placings - were 333,000 in one week alone.

Other stats related to the song include 127 million radio 'impacts' - which can be interpreted as individual 'listens' - taking into account how many times the song was played, on which stations, and their listenership.

Oh, but that's just in the UK. In Europe, the radio impacts tot up to 766 million. And we haven't even started on the US yet; it's already sold a million units in its first week, with a final figure and chart placement yet to be revealed.

It's also been streamed 61.1 million times on Spotify and the video has been watched on YouTube/Vevo 192.2 million times. 

Not a bad week's work, all in all. 



All figures correct at time of writing, via Music Business.