AKA the greatest touring show of all time.

The Spice Girls and the Backstreet Boys together on one stage would be a thing of '90s nostalgia beauty, but don't go getting too excited as for the moment it's all just chatter. The good news is that it's chatter from the horse's mouth as AJ McClean told the Daily Star: "The Spice Girls tour has been this idea bouncing around for the past year and a half, and it's something we're still talking about."

Excited. Good. And sorry, because here's the bad news. According to the Mirror, it's thought that the two would only combine for the US leg of a Spice Girls reunion tour, as "America had a different relationship with the Spice Girls" and "They were big but their success didn't last quite as long, so teaming with another act is a way of booking bigger venues."

The Spice Girls have been batting around the idea of a 20th anniversary reunion tour for a while but Mel B has said explicitly that it wouldn't happen without Posh, who is busy running the Victoria Beckham fashion empire, telling the Meredith Vieira Show: "[Victoria] is my friend, I love her to pieces. If we do something, it has to be all of us. That's the whole point."

But with the Backstreet Boys on board, could that change things?

Honestly, we don't know why it hasn't been nailed down already because you know the show would spin gold and those tickets would sell out in seconds. And we will be front and center (once we win the Lotto to pay for our flights and hotel in whatever US city we have to travel to).

Via The Mirror