To say that The Rolling Stones are 'getting on a bit' is a bit of a understatement, considering that their combined age is 285 and the youngest member is 68 years old.

Nevertheless, a leaked tour rider depicts a band who are not in any rush to hang up their partying shoes and settle into their dotage anytime soon.

TMZ leaked the document, which is taken from their most recent tour.

Their demands included:

- A hotel bar that doesn't close, whether it's illegal or not

- Extra butlers for room service requests that are larger than normal

- Blacked-out windows

- Plenty of cigarettes - Marlboro Lights and Marlboro Reds

- After-hours dry cleaning

The only instruction that betrays their advancing years is also one of the funniest, however:

- Written instructions on how to use all the electronics in the room

It can be difficult to work all of these new-fangled contraptions, after all.