Pop legend Kylie Minogue played Dublin's 3Arena last Saturday night on her Kiss Me Once tour, but we're only getting around to digesting exactly how fab it was.

1) Let's start with her entrance, which was on a lips-shaped sofa that came out of the floor. Amazeballs.


2) The laser show during 'On a Night Like This'  was seriously one of the best light displays we've ever seen at a gig.


3) Then she pulled a girl called Roisin out of the crowd who was celebrating her 21st birthday and sang Happy Birthday to her. She. is. just. so. nice. 


4) There was that amazingly sexy choreography to 'Slow' (in fact, all of her dancers were incredible).


5) She sang 'I Should Be So Lucky'. IN THE BATH. While clips from the original video played in little love hearts on the video screen behind her. She did loads of her old stuff, including The Locomotion and Hand on Your Heart, and did full versions of them - not some crap medley, like some pop stars *coughBeyoncécough*


6) She's all about value for money, is our Kylie: during one section, she said 'I know we can only do a certain amount of songs per night, so is there anything anyone wants to hear?'. Then she sang this a cappella: (sob)


7) Later, she did a brilliant cover of INXS's 'Need You Tonight' that was ah-maaaaaaay-zing.

(This video is from her Liverpool gig)


Overall, it was one of the best pop shows we've been to in a long time. In short: we heart you, Kylie. You are the true queen of pop.