Although you might be tempted to think that diss tracks are only a recent phenomenon in the last decade or so and solely the preserve of hip-hop and rap, they've actually got a storied history and 'How Do You Sleep' is one of the most well-known examples.

Recorded by the Plastic Ono Band in 1971, the song was John Lennon's most direct barb right at Paul McCartney and directly addressed how he felt about his former bandmate's work and what he thought of their time together.

With the upcoming re-release of 'Imagine', studio footage of the recording session - which featured fellow ex-Beatle George Harrison in there as well - has gone online for the first time and sounds just as fresh as it did in the '70s.

While we're probably reading into it, there's something a little strange about releasing this particular track when Paul McCartney's just released his album, 'Egypt Station', as well.

The new issue of 'Imagine' arrives on October 5th.